Why Dental Implants Excel in Both Form and Function

In a perfect world, adults would hang on to all (or most) of their natural teeth well into old age. Unfortunately, tooth loss is still a major problem for many American adults, and it isn’t just a problem that affects senior citizens.

According to the American College of Prosthodontists, over 36 million American adults are missing all of their natural teeth, and as many as 120 million are missing at least one tooth. Tooth loss does more than just ruin your smile; it can also lead to continuing oral and general health problems down the line.

That’s where dental implants come in. They’re the closest thing to a natural tooth for a number of reasons. At Haider Family Dentistry, Dr. Jeremy Haider and our team of dental specialists offer a range of general and cosmetic dentistry services at our office in Salem, Oregon, including dental implants for replacing missing teeth.

The oral health and cosmetic benefits of dental implants

So what makes dental implants so special? While there are several great options to fix your smile and replace missing teeth, dental implants are the closest thing to a natural tooth in terms of form and function.

The implant post is surgically placed in your jawbone and functions like the root of the tooth. In addition to providing a secure and stable anchor for the cosmetic crown, the implant also helps to prevent bone loss and preserves healthy bone tissue. Bone loss increases your risk of periodontal (gum) disease and infections, so a dental implant helps to preserve your gum health as well as your smile.

Once the implant heals, the crown is attached and your new tooth looks and feels just like the real thing. Because the crown is held in place with the implant, you don’t have to worry about slipping while talking or eating. Once it’s in, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the prosthetic tooth and the rest of your teeth.

Are dental implants right for me?

Implants are available for full or partial tooth loss, and implants can also support a set of dentures. So you can get an implant to replace a single tooth or to secure your dentures for a better fit. 

Dental implants aren’t right for everyone. They’re available for adults in good general health who have enough existing bone tissue to support the implant.

You still have to practice good oral hygiene and keep up with your routine dental exams and cleanings to reduce the risk of complications and protect yourself from tooth decay and gum disease. With proper care, dental implants have a very high success rate and are meant to be a permanent replacement for missing teeth.

For more information about the benefits of dental implants and to find out if they’re the right dental restoration treatment for you, contact Haider Family Dentistry today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Haider, or request an appointment online.

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